What We Are

About US

SOLUTIONGHAR a Child venture of InfiMax Infotech Pvt. Ltd has a family👫👫  of enthusiastic & diligent digital artist 🎨 with tools as simple as keyboard ⌨ & a Mouse 🖱.

We make your dream 💭 feel at home & provide you with all the necessary auxiliaries that help in a Superior Global🌍 Impression🔝.(It’s the 🌐World Wide Web we’re getting into).

We have the best painstaking sales support team👫 for analyzing📈 your competitors & providing idiosyncratic solution✅ boosting your business to shoot for the Stars!🌟.

We Love 💖 Startups! That’s because . we belive your idea are bound to set afire a Blazing Renaissance!

We are young 7 fearless enough to The Digital Platform of your deams.

What We Do


Web Design

A Website is your digital office and it reflects the Business /portfolio it’s glory. we make website  look cool by not compromising on the code and avoiding Ctrl C + Ctrl V.

Our Websites are cultured and well developed because they have morals like:Fast Load-ability | Cross Browser Compatibility | Responsive Layout | Custom Design & Architecture

Mobile Apps

A holistic digital ecosystem for your unique IDEA / Business calls for an App! Apps are pocket immigrants and make a sustainable residence at your target audience’s beloved gadget (Android/iOS)!

Want to make a permanent residence there? We got you covered!Great UI/UX | Bug Free( a myth) | Fluid | Responsive | Offline & Online Experience


Branding adds a face, personality and character to your brilliant brainchild. We call our designers demigods as they almost add a living soul to the product they handcraft needless to say InfiMAX Indeed!

We accept all design challenges. viz.Logos | Business Cards | Brochures/ Catalogues | Package Design | ‍


A successful marketing plan is all about grabbing maximum eyeballs. We have creatives and content curators that helps endorse and introduce your brainchild to a room full of value hungry audience that appreciates/ acknowledges it as desired.

Weapons of choice : Copy Writing | Value Placing (offline & Online) | Social Media Plans |  Ad Clip | Kick-Ass Presentations

Search Engine Optimization

Let’s say you got a fancy number, email, website and a great attitude but nobody can find you/your product/service, what good is all that for? SEO or search engine optimization makes you visible in digital chaos and keeps you relevant in the game.

Just because you’ll ask: (Psst! There’s more)Title Tags | Metadata Descriptions| Intra ecosystem interlinking | etc

Support & Maintenance

We build services that can be monitored and taken care of by our team of relentless keyboard tapping Coders. Our support allows you to maintain,iterate and upgrade.

P.S We don’t give up on our projects. We build them with love, assuming they’ll be subjected to it’s abundance for eternity.

LOGO Designing


How We Do


Strategy Planning

Design & Layout

Development & Prototyping

Testing and Launching


The Couch

We Discuss the Idea And Brainstorm over the ways and means to glorify and justify The Dream that pumps your heart.

We respect Your Dream and thus, We patiently assimilate every aspect you wish to share.

We also help in setting up goals and project time lines.

The Sketch Board

We Sketch Your Ideas Giving It A Digital Identity Which Looks Like An Updated Episode Of Your Dreams.

We Create Graphical Layouts, Mock-ups & Vectors From Scratch To Suit Your Platform.

We Love Smiling Faces. So, We Iterate, Enhance And Meet Your Expectations.

The Workstation

The Serious Stuff Begins. Here, Piano’s Are Replaced With KEYBOARDS To Provide A Soul To Your Ideas.

Experience An Unshakable Digital Journey As We Craft With Firm Foundation.

We Love Killing Software Bugs as It’s a Coders Favorite GAME

The Garage

Before Saying ‘Hello World!’, We Abuse, Overhaul And Fine Tune Our Product Together, Making It Ready For LIFE. Because Tests Gives us a reality check of a competitive World.

Once We’re Ready to Roll, We Shoot for the stars!



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